LRSP at a glance

The Federal Government announced the creation of the LRSP, financed by Canadian Heritage, in June 2008. On September 9, 2009 the University of Ottawa became the managing institution of the Language Rights Support Program (LRSP) through a joint partnership between the Official Language and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) and the Faculty of Law.

  • To promote awareness of constitutional language rights through public education;

  • To offer access to alternative dispute resolution processes to settle disputes out of court;

  • To support litigation that helps to advance and clarify constitutional language rights when test cases are involved and dispute resolution efforts have not resolved matters.

  • The Language Rights Support Program is recognized as an important leader in the clarification and advancement of constitutional language rights in Canada.

  • The LRSP clarifies and contributes to the advancement of constitutional language rights in Canada through its information and promotion activities and its funding.

  • The LRSP is committed to informing the Canadian public of its constitutional language rights.

  • The LRSP provides financial assistance to cases relating to constitutional language rights issues.

  • The LRSP supports efforts to ensure respect of language rights in order to facilitate access to justice.


Integrity - The LRSP ensures that its commitments and obligations are respected in all its activities.

Stringency - The LRSP works with precision and exactitude to achieve its objectives.

Equity - The LRSP acts fairly and equitably in providing its services.

Objectivity - The LRSP is committed to being impartial in all its dealings with the Canadian public.