Panel of Experts


 Me Michelle Vaillancourt, M. Brad McDonald et Thomas Maillet

Left to right: Ms. Joanne Dumas, Mr. Paul Émile Leblanc, Mr.Paul R. McKenna, Mr. Pierre Vincent and Mr. Richard McConomy. Absent from the photo: Mr. Brad McDonald, Mr. Thomas Maillet and Ms. Marie-Claude Blais.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, after consulting withstakeholders of the official language minority communities, appoint members to the Panel of experts. The Panel of Experts is totally independent from the Minister.

Roles and responsibilities of the Panel of Experts:

  • Select files to be supported by the three Program components based on expert knowledge of the state of law, the communities needs and Program guidelines and objectives;
  • Provide guidance for the development of and approve file assessment grids and funding parameters for the three Program components;
  • Advise the managing institution with respect to the budget allocations for the different components of the Program;
  • Advise the managing institution on appropriate communication and collaboration mechanisms to ensure on-going links to the communities;
  • Provide guidance and feedback to the Program staff on their support to Panel activities.

The nine members of the Panel are divided as follows:

  • Four lawyers 
  • Three representatives from the Francophone and Acadian minority community
  • One representative from the Anglophone minority community
  • One representative specializing in alternative dispute resolution

The members comprise a balanced representation (experience, region and language). It is proposed that the regular mandate of the Panel members be three years and that the original Panel is composed in such a way so that no more than three members complete their mandates at the same time.