Educational Resources

The lesson plans are designed for secondary school teachers in official language minority communities in Canada.

The goal of the lesson plans is to use plain language to teach concepts related to constitutional language rights and encourage students to think critically. The lesson plans created by the LRSP are a tool that helps students strengthen their cultural identity by learning about constitutional language rights. The plans also help teachers improve the content of their courses.

The objective of the lesson plans is to offer reliable and accurate information on language rights that is linked to the curriculum of each province and territory in Canada. Grade levels for which the lesson plans have been adapted vary by province or territory.

Please note that this project encompasses schools protected under Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: English schools in Quebec and French schools outside of Quebec. For the curriculum in Quebec, the lesson plans are available in English and for the curriculums outside of Quebec, the lesson plans are available in French.